Iliac Bay

Beyond Skyrim: Iliac Bay: Tower of Dawn is a project in works that is set to take place in High Rock and Hammerfell.


High RockEdit

Visit an unstable country to the west of Skyrim that’s at risk of being torn apart by the bickering of local Kings and wizard lords. With the Empire distracted by the Civil War in Skyrim, old rivalries are bursting into the open, and the Empire’s hold over the homeland of the Bretons is growing weaker by the day. Choose a side in the ongoing struggle, or seek to profit from the disorder and begin your own ascent up High Rock’s feudal hierarchy. New reputation mechanics will allow players to embrace a path of honor and chivalry, or ruthlessly their foes’ weakness in High Rock’s cut-throat political arena. The choice is ultimately yours – will you help the rebellious Reachmen and Orcs reclaim their independence? Or will a new Kingdom of the West arise from the chaos? And if it does, who will be left wearing the Crown?


Travel to the newly independent homeland of the Redguards, a huge and forbidding desert scattered with the ruined cities of the lost Dwemer civilization. Our decisions are guided by both lore and the work of previous teams. Tamriel Rebuilt was gracious enough to permit the use of their concept art, lore, and even in-game books they prepared. It was a project known for its attention to detail and credibility, a reputation we intend to honor and replicate. However, with such a large region and with such a distinctive culture, there has been much additional content created. Expect a host of exotic new locations and cities, as well as the addition of survival elements to gameplay as players have to contend with the harsh environment.

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